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The Unknown Adventurer

We were over the moon to have Teddy Keen come and tell us all about these incredible books. On the 16th September 2014, Teddy was part of a research group, exploring a remote river deep within the Amazon rainforest, they came across an abandoned shelter. Hidden inside, they discovered something incredible - a sealed metal case that contained one of the greatest mysteries of adventure, ever found.

“When we opened the case, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Inside were piles of notebooks & sketchbooks, old maps and more. Every page was filled with wondrous illustrations and stories of adventure.”

We have been exploring the Stories and using them to inspire learning with the children. The Children have been thrilled by the adventure and have enjoyed learning about the creatures of the amazon, survival techniques and seeing the world through the perspective of an explorer.

So, you can imagine what a gift it was for the children (and adults!) to have the author Teddy Keen give a fantastic in depth talk all about his adventures with detailed slides, sound effects and the actual historical treasure that was found! One of the highlights was a mummified piranha fish!

It was a fabulous event that we held in conjunction with Cedarwood Montessori for more information please see and to check out more about the Unknown Adventurer and to purchase these unique books check out Teddy's website.

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