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Wild Embers aims to support boys in their evolving journey and understanding of what it is to grow from adolescence into manhood in a healthy and conscious way. The current social climate is largely promoting an unconscious and distorted masculine image, and with this project, we can begin to co-create a more positive environment for these boys to thrive within.

We will create a safe and trusting container, a circle around a fire, something that has been done by countless generations of men for boys.

In this space our hope and intention is to help boys know and experience what it is to be listened to and to listen to others without judgement or need to fix.

To learn that each voice matters equally.

To learn that it’s ok to be who you are.

Where they’ll have space to have fun, play, laugh and feel in connection with nature.

Over the weeks this would involve working with fire, learning new skills, bush crafts, creative play, cooking outdoors, circle time and exploring the natural world around them.

There will also be an opportunity for these boys to help hold a space for younger boys, bringing a stronger awareness of their place in the masculine community.

Dates and bookings will be added to the website soon 

To register your interest now please email

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