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Wild Embers Leaner support scheme supports learners from primary school through to 18 who have struggled or are struggling with educational engagement through nature based activities underpinned by the Forest School ethos


Our staff team are highly experienced and qualified Forest school workers, drawing on in-depth experience in educational settings and in particular in working with Special Education Needs and vulnerable young people. 

Each of our sessions are run by a qualified Forest School Leader with carefully considered staff to learner ratios. We work in partnership with the Local Authority, Schools and alternative education providers, parents and carers to ensure a high level of integrated support for each of our learners. We take safety and safeguarding as an utmost priority and offer an engaging and enriching provision of support 

Wild Embers Offers

1:1 Learner Support Sessions

Bespoke nature based sessions for young people struggling to engage with their current education provider. Sessions are held by a qualified forest school leader with a background in support work. Wild Embers can provide emergency placements for learners who need provision quickly or require maximum flexibility by referral only. 


2:2 Leaner Support Sessions

Nature based activities with a ratio of 2 staff members to 2 learners. Learners who attend these sessions may be at risk of exclusion or had fixed term exclusions from education. We offer support around behavioural difficulties, social and emotional issues by providing a tailored level of support over a fixed term period. Sessions are by referral only. 


Group Sessions

Our group sessions are run with a maximum ratio of 1:6 to ensure quality time can be spent with every learner, while also encouraging a peer to peer element. Sessions are for vulnerable young people with an Education & Health Care Plan (EHCP) and social worker by referral only. We are also working with alternative education providers to offer bespoke forest school sessions for young people and their support workers. 


Bespoke Learner Support 

Our learner support scheme centres around the needs and aspirations of each individual learner. In collaboration with our referrers and learners themselves we set key targets and milestones which support our learners social and emotional development, skill building and engagement with the aim of eventual reintegration into learning environments.

Nature based activities, underpinned by the Forest school ethos can help learners re-engage by improving mental health, self-confidence, resilience and self esteem. From previous evaluations of our programmes we have achieved excellent outcomes in the following areas: improving physical skills, developing confidence in nature, improving social skills, improving well-being and mental health, developing nature awareness and supporting community integration.

Please be in touch so we can discus how we can best help you!

Referrals to Wild Embers Learner Support

can be made via:  

Painted Branch
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